Eton Boost Turbine Charger is the one thing to have on a deserted island


Eton Turbo Boost Charger 1
Tom Hanks, in the perennial classic Castaway, was cast away on to a deserted island with nothing but an anthropomorphic volleyball to keep him company. He didn’t have a smartphone as it was the 90s and they hadn’t been invented yet. He didn’t have a Gameboy because he was a grown ass man who worked for FedEx and had long ago put away such childish things. He didn’t even have a deck of cards or a small fan. He was absolutely roughing it, as his eventual beard can attest to.

If only he had remembered to pack in this handy gadget. Eton, better known for devices that use solar power, have officially prepped their Boost Turbine Charger. It uses human exercise and turns it into precious charge time for your USB-enabled gadgets. You crank the handle to fill its internal battery with electric juice and then it powers smartphones or anything else you have on-hand. Tom Hanks would have loved it! He could have called for help. This is providing that the island was near a cell tower(unlikely) and that he had traveled about a decade into the future(really unlikely.)

The only downside to all of this healthful wattage? Your hand might get tired. A full minute of intense cranking will net you about thirty seconds of power. As you can surmise, playing even one full game of Angry Birds might be pretty difficult, unless you really suck at it. It’ll be available for purchase on October 1st and will cost $59.99 for the 2000 mAh version (enough to completely charge an iPhone) and $49.99 for the 1000 mAh edition, which can charge an iPhone a little more than half way.