EroGear Wearable Display Jacket

EroGear wearable display jacket

EroGear wearable display jacketEroGear has just released their wearable display jacket..

But unlike other wearble display comapanies, EroGear is offering their wearable display as an aftermarket display option which can be  integrated into any jacket of your choice.

Here are some of the impressive features EroGear is offering in their tailor made display jackets:

  • A software package that takes still images and exports them into a proprietary format for use with EroGear displays. Video content is uploaded by first exporting a video file then running it through the provided software.
  • Three ways are on offer to create the display content. Inputing the text directly on the display controller for a scrolling ’stock-ticker’ like text animation. Secondly, you can pre-render text or graphic using video rendering programs Apple’s Motion 3 or Adobe After Effects.
  • Thirdly, EroGear is working on a library of video content to be available for download like ring-tones for cell phones or CD-cover artwork in iTunes.
  • Other available options for a tailor made display jacket: DMX support for synchronization of multiple displays, the addition of an SD card for additional content storage and Audio reactivity which can trigger animations or text by audio signals. To complete the list of options, there is a control button on the display controller allowing the brightness adjustment of the display to make sure you are always the brightest spot in the universe.

All this is an amazing step towards wearable displays which transform our jackets into living, transformable clothing allowing a high degree of self-expression and customization.

Check out the video below, it shows a nice demonstration of the wearable LED Display from EroGear:

Your most burning question might be: ‘How much does it cost?’ It’s not easy to answer because it depends greatly on the size of the display you want.

EroGear gives as reference their first prototype as a example: an Armani Exchange lightweight running jacket with an 88×8 display resolution, a ‘lite’ display controller, a 2 hour battery and video patterns made by EroGear comes out for a total of around $900.-