ERI Wristband is a Super Thin Way to Track Fitness


When you think about vitality trackers or fitness trackers, your mind can’t help but wander to armbands and their snooty cousins, smartwatches. However, a lot of these bands that wrap around your appendages tend to be heavy(or at the very least extremely noticeable.) This can only help weigh us down a bit, which leads to us becoming lazy and blowing off exercising in favor of eating an entire jar of cookie butter while sitting on the couch and watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This lethargy must be stopped and only wearable technology can do it. Here is a new kind of fitness tracking wristband, a super thin and light kind.

Introducing the ERI wristband, which is the aforementioned emaciated fitness tracker. Just how thin is it? Well, the company says it is “extraordinarily thin.” Just how light is it? Well, the company says that it “feels weightless.” Super thin and feels weightless? Sign us up! In all seriousness, the bands are made from a nano silicon material that is known for its resilience and lightness. Also, the ERI keeps track of everything, from running to mountain climbing to, even, sleeping. It knows when to store what and where to send it so you’ll never be out in the cold regarding that last time you were out in the cold.

The system is also completely open, meaning anyone can develop an app for it. ERI isn’t out yet. They’ve taken to Indiegogo to finish funding. You can become an early adopter by running over to the website and plonking down around $59. Here is a useful and highly related video.