Eracle is an App to Let You Get the Most Out of Fitness Trackers


Vitality monitors, be they their own devices, included in smart watches or even included in your humble smartphone, are increasingly becoming a ubiquitous part of modern life. In case you’ve been living under a lazy, lazy rock, these gadgets track all of the stuff you do throughout the day. They are great for charting out your evolving exercise regiment, including the amount of calories you are burning and the amount of beats your heart is beating. One cool thing about these devices is their ability to access third party applications. We have one today for you guys that just got revealed, and boy is it a doozy.

It’s called Eracle, and it’s a fitness-based web app that works with a variety of trackers, phones and watches. What does it do? It basically keeps an eye on every second of your entire day. This not only means tracking your exercise routine, but also keeping tabs on where and what you are eating and even who you are eating it with. Yes, Eracle comes equipped with full social functionality. The coolest part of Eracle, however, is its universal appeal. Once you sign up, you’ll keep the same account and stats no matter what device you wander to down the road. This is perfect for people who just rely on their phones for now but have been thinking about upgrading to a dedicated unit. You won’t lose any of your progress.

The makers of the app have just put it up on Kickstarter. You can assure yourself an early download by plopping down around $10 or $15. In the meantime, let’s devour an entire bag of potato chips in one setting.