Epson Readies Google Glass Competitor at Half the Price


Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past year or three, you no doubt know of and are excited by Google’s VR-enabled glasses codenamed Google Glass. These nifty doodads blew the lid right off of the wearable technology craze, even though they aren’t technically even out yet. Sure, you can become an early adopter and get your hands on a beta version of the hardware but at an extreme cost. That cost? $1,500. That’s a ton of money! Luckily, other companies are ready to pounce on that price point, releasing their own similar models at lower costs. One such company is Epson.

Epson announced the Moverio BT-200 a while back but, until now, it was more or less a ghost, a specter of a gadget that may or may not have ever seen the light of day. Well, it looks like that daylight is coming soon. The company has finally announced a price point for the nifty thingamagoo, around $700. What features does it bring to the table at that price? Well, of course, it has a camera and lets you interact with your phone and all of that. The Moverio can also project a 3D image in front of you much like its more expensive cousin. Built in motion sensors can also track your head movement as seen in things like the Oculus Rift.

When will this eyewear goodness be available for the masses? The company says April 1st, which they also assure us is not an April Fool’s joke. So, start saving money now. At around $200 saved a month you ought to be fine.