Epson Offering $1000 For Augmented Reality Apps



With all the hype around augmented reality devices and headsets companies are looking for a competitive edge against other augmented reality companies. One such company is Epson, a company best known for their printers. Despite this, they also are dipping their toes into the augmented reality game, and not just that but they’re also looking for that competitive edge. Which is why they’re offering a $1000 prize to the person that comes up with the best augmented reality app for their hardware.

Epson is perhaps a name that we wouldn’t  automatically equate to augmented reality, but quietly they’ve been making progress in the field. As far as augmented reality devices go, their top model is the Moverio BT-100, which offers a number of great features. The device runs on Android 2.2, and can connect to WiFi. It also features the use of a controller, which is a feature that many other augmented reality headsets do not have.

The headset seems like a great device and it makes sense that Epson would be pushing it so much. First prize for the best app is $1000, and then there’s 2 $500 runner up prizes.

This competition is great for people who already own the Moverio, as they should soon expect some great apps for the device. It’s also going to be great for Epson as it could help sway people who are already looking at getting an augmented reality headset more towards getting the Epson Moverio BT-100, which currently runs for a cool $699. Who knows maybe within the next couple of months we’ll see Epson lead the way in augmented reality technology!