Epson Moverio Gets Modded to Become a Google Glass Competitor


APX Labs-1
It seems everybody can’t get enough of Google’s just-released uberglasses, Google Glass. This snazzy device lets you see the world thru the marvelous lens of technology, allowing for instant video and photo captures, text messaging and more just with a literal wink of the eye. Becoming a worldwide phenomenon has its disadvantages, however. Mo money, mo problems right? It seems everyone begins gunning for you. The flood of copycat devices will be gigantic and it will be never ending. Why, look in the sky. Here is another one flying toward us right now, able to leap tall e-buildings with a single eyeball.

You might remember the Epson Moverio from our previous coverage. It’s essentially just a personal video viewing device but a resourceful company called APX Labs has modded it to transform it into a mighty powerful Google Glass competitor. They equipped it with a camera, mic and nine-axis motion sensor suite. This turns the Moverio into a pretty capable augmented reality device, just  like(you guessed it) Google’s brainchild. However, it goes even further than Glass in some areas. It lets you share live video with people in your social network. Wanna watch someone parachute down into a dense jungle? Click on their feed. The tech here is pretty darned cool.

Of course, this is only a working prototype for now. But APX Labs hopes to team up with Epson and get this souped up Moverio into the hands of consumers as soon as possible. We’ll, of course, let you know when that happens and how much it’ll hurt your wallet. No price is too much to pay to be able to watch someone parachute into a jungle though. Check a video of the gear in action below.