Epidermal Electronics – Health Monitoring Skin


Epidermal Electronics
It seems that wearable technology is getting increasingly complex, and often less and less noticeable. Researchers at the University of Illinois are continuing this trend with a new device that is intended for medical purposes and can be applied directly to the skin.

They are calling the devices “epidermal electronics”, and they are made up of a number of different parts including electrodes, sensors, and wireless communication and power systems. The devices stick straight to the skin, and are able to withstand everyday activities including being waterproof.

The device looks kind of like a tattoo. In fact, it would be a very easy mistake to assume that it was a tattoo (maybe this could be an idea for future versions – epidermal electronics in different designs). They are only a thirteenth as thick as previous versions of this kind of product, which were unable to withstand everyday activities like these ones are.

This kind of device is great for patients of surgery who need to monitor their healing process under the skin.