Eole concept watch by designer Julien Moise shows time when you blow


We all love cool watches, right? Well, here is another one to add to your list of “must haves.” Designer Julien Moise has crafted his Eole concept watch and it does a lot of really neat things. Most of all? It tells time when you blow on it.

Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me. It tells time when you blow on it. It is actually powered by blown air. Consider it a miniature windmill. Only the wind comes from your mouth.

It also comes with a weather indicator and an alarm function. Don’t worry. The alarm works even when not being blown on. You don’t want to oversleep, do you? The Eole is just a concept for now but we’ll let you know if you can ever buy it and get in on the green revolution. Not that, um, watches were big culprits or anything.