Engagement Ring That Glows When Love Is Near



People spend huge amounts of money and time finding the perfect engagement ring for their beloved. But a man from California, Ben Kokes, has made one with a unique twist. It glows whenever he’s near.

The idea behind the ring is that Kokes wanted to show in a practical way that his girlfriend is the light of his life.

The way that it works is that inside the ring there is an LED and copper coil assembly. Essentially, whenever the ring is near an alternating magnetic field the ring lights up. This alternating magnetic field is conveniently also concealed – inside a bracelet that he also built and wears.

The ring took nine failed prototypes and a number of months to build, and even then the ring worked perfectly for the proposal, but then broke down the next day. Kokes says he’s working on a more permanent version of the ring that will work for much longer.

Originally the plan, Kokes says, was to present this ring at the proposal but then take his girlfriend to pick out a more permanent engagement ring. Despite this, his girlfriend insists that he build a better working and more permanent ring, and then forget the professional ring altogether.

Could this kind of thing be a new direction for jewelry? We could start to see more technologically infused jewelry in the very near future!