Energy Bionics Presents a Solar Watch that Also Charges Your Phone


The sun. Who needs it? All it does is provide our planet, and others, with a constant source of energy, not to mention making the beach a more desirable place. OK, unless you want to live a nightmare in the cold, dark void of space, you have got to embrace the power of the sun. Because of the sun’s boundless energy, there is a whole niche market out there that uses it to power stuff. You may have heard of it. It’s called the solar power industry. Speaking of said industry, here is a watch that uses that solar power to not only power itself, but power other devices as well.

It’s called the Carbon. This fine looking watch is completely powered by the sun. The analog watch face can receive weeks worth of power from a single charge, but when the watch face is removed the entire thing turns into a solar charger, which can be connected via micro USB to your smartphone, smartwatch, Google Glass or anything else that accepts the input. One solar charge will power your phone or other device for around three hours. That’s three full hours of web surfing or spying on your neighbors via the Glass camera! Who could ask for anything more?

This sun-friendly gadget isn’t available at your local tanning salon yet. The designers have taken to Kickstarter in order to secure final funding. You can be one of the first kids on your block to give up old fashioned electricity by kicking in around $115 bucks.