EnChroma Cx Sunglasses Finally Fix Color Blindness


The specter of color blindness has been with us as long as color has. This small sect of people simply can’t see colors, or have a limited spectrum. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes. I’m afraid so. The marvelous hues of a recently prepared slice of pizza are lost on these sad souls. We cannot, and must not, stand for this color-based injustice heft upon us by an unforgiving God. If only wearable technology could hop on the scene and cure this ailment like it was nobody’s business. Duck! Here it comes.

Introducing the EnChrome Cx. These sunglasses, in a word, fix color blindness. How in the heck do they do this? It’s not as if they are as snazzy as Google Glass or any of the other numerous pairs of smart glasses slowly inching their way to market. It’s all how they selectively adjust the colors that pass through the lenses. This has the effect of curing protanomalous or deuteranomalous color blindness. Jolly good show! Being as how they are sunglasses, they also have the added benefit of filtering out those annoying solar rays(also you look cool as you walk down the street.)

Early reports indicate that the effect is instantaneous and, for sufferers of the ailment, impossible to put into words.  You can order a pair now but beware, they don’t come cheap. Adding more color to your life will set you back about $600. Ugh. Maybe you can just have your friends tell you what you are missing. The pizza still tastes the same anyways.