EMOTIV INSIGHT Headband Monitors and Betters Brain Activity


The human brain is, undisputedly, the most mysterious organ in the human body. The lungs and the heart? Forget about it. Totally knowable. Information on the brain, however, is so elusive and so often contradictory that its astounding that we have actual scientists that study it. What do they do all day? One of the reasons why is scientists tend to look for the universal instead of the individual. It may just be that the human brain is like a snowflake and no one is like any others. Therefore, any studies that assume all brains are the same are doomed to fail. With this in mind, there has been quite a push in wearable tech as of late to introduce headbands and other ways to monitor and report back on unique brain activity. Here is another one guaranteed to not(really) give you a headache.

The caps-loving EMOTIV INSIGHT is an EEG-enabled headband that tracks brain activity as you perform a variety of tasks. It reports on this information in real time, via a related PC or smartphone application. This real time brain monitoring is something of a first for the industry. Now we can see what our brain is like while we watch our favorite CBS procedural(hint, not very active.) We can also see what it is like as we listen to music, make music or just think about how much we hate listening to and making music.

The EMOTIV INSIGHT features 5 EEG sensors which is also beefy compared to the competition. They recently headed to Kickstarter to obtain some finishing funds and they immediately blew it out of the water. As of now, the project still has a full month to go, they’ve received over 500 percent of their asking amount. You can put dibs down on your own headset by handing forth $200.