Embrace + Bluetooth Bracelet _ Jewelry for Your Phone

Embrace + Bluetooth Bracelet

Embrace + Bluetooth Bracelet
Bluetooth jewelry seems to be the next big thing with multiple companies now debuting, or working on different models. While the Bluetooth ring seems to be the most desired, Bluetooth bracelets such as the Embrace + are already in production, and many can be purchased now. The Embrace + is one of those bracelets, and will be hitting stores in June of 2013. The device lights up when you get a text, email, or call, making it the perfect wearable tech fashion accessory for anyone who doesn’t mind a glo-bracelet look.

The Technology Behind Embrace +

Embrace + is a result of the combined genius of Paul Hornikx and Rudi Beijnen. The two claim that they came up with the idea for the Bluetooth bracelet while having a few drinks, and after constantly checking their phones, decided that a fashionable bracelet with alerts would be a much better option.

The result is a fiber optic based bracelet with a transparent core that can light up in an array of colors. Standard colors for the Embrace include beryl, opal, and topaz although there may only be two colors released at first.

How Does it Work?

Embrace + Bluetooth BraceletThe Embrace Bluetooth bracelet works for Android and iPhone and comes with an app that allows you to set colors, alerts, and even calendar messages. The app also allows you to set which alerts you would like to receive notifications for as well as what colors you would like each notification to appear as. Importantly, the Embrace + also allows users to set different profiles, such as for work, at home, or when out, so that they receive different notifications, or even notifications in different colors.

What the Embrace + Bluetooth Bracelet Can Do

For anyone who has ever checked their phone for messages simply because they have to have it on silent, the Embrace + Bluetooth bracelet is a great idea. Alerts can be set up for a variety of different things including apps: Embrace + Bluetooth Bracelet

  • Phone Calls
  • Texts
  • Apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and more
  • Calendar and Event Alerts
  • Alarm and Timer
  • Low Phone Battery
  • Phone Out of Range (Also helpful for preventing theft or loss of the phone)

The Embrace + Bluetooth bracelet does not allow you to answer calls, see caller ID, or take texts, but it does allow you to see when someone is calling or texting. The bracelet and app also allow you to set different groups of people (or individuals) to certain colors, so that you can actually see who is calling rather than looking at your phone.