Elmo USA Begins Shipping QBiC Wearable Camera


Some could say the ascension of wearable cameras heralds some kind of privacy-ending dystopia. Others just want to record videos of cats bumping into things. Regardless of you take on these potentially history-changing gadgets, you have to admit they are coming, whether you like it or not. On that note, several new wearable cameras have been flooding to market, from Google’s Glass device to more traditional cameras that you wear more or less like necklaces. Why, here is one of those latter type models right now! Read ’em and weep, only don’t actually weep because that’d be weird and sad.

Elmo USA, having no affiliation with that ticklish Elmo, has just launched their innovative QBiC wearable camera on an unsuspecting public. This nifty little device is lightweight, clocking in at just several ounces. The QBiC shoots and records video in full HD 1080p format, takes hi-resolution still images and does your laundry. Just kidding about that last one, but it does offer two continuous hours of recording time and other cool features. There is also an affiliated iOS and Android that lets you take and manage photos via the magic of your smartphone or tablet. Technology!

As stated, you can order this wearable camera right now. It’ll set you back $259, which doesn’t seem too bad considering it is a minuscule camera. Why, it wasn’t so long ago that gigantic cameras cost more than this. Check for the QBiC on that little mom and pop Internet retailer Amazon.