Elevate Armsleeve Lets You Wear Your Touchscreen on Your Sleeve


We all love exercising, or we all know that we should love exercising because it is good for us and our bodies are frail, sad little sacks of meat. However, in actuality exercising can be a gruesome haul the likes the world has never seen. We try to make the best of it. Music helps, but the headphone cords get in our way. Also, most of us listen to music on our phones and we don’t want to fumble around with our beloved smartphone as we are sweatily jogging along the concrete.  Now we have a rather elegant solution to that.

Introducing Elevate, an armsleeve dedicated to keeping your phone safe and snug so you can fumble with the touchscreen as you exercise. It fits a variety of smartphone models so no matter which kind you have, you are sure to be able to squeeze it in here. Most importantly, the designers say it was made for maximum comfort. It is worn on the forearm which makes switching songs and answering calls a breeze. The designers also say it features “smart fabric” that cleans itself but we aren’t sure exactly of the specifics. Nanobots. Did someone say nanobots? It’s probably not nanobots.

The makers of Elevate have decided to ply their wares on ye olde Kickstarter. You can get in on the ground floor, and then jog up the stairs to the top floor, by plonking down around $40. They say they’ll ship later this year, which is just in time for everyone’s favorite exercise season, winter! Hey, they’ll still fit over your coat.