Eleksen FM Radio with Textile Controls


Avantex started off today and Eleksen, the world’s leading provider of touch-sensitive smart fabrics for consumer electronics in apparel and accessories, announced a new product: a module for FM radio.

This new module essentially is a stand-alone FM radio but has also the availability to work with the widely available FM transmitter accessories out there which attach to an iPod or other MP3 player.

Eleksen’s FM radio unit is fully controlled by the new ElekTex fabric sensor incorporating Eleksen’s Common Interface technology. With an ElekTex sensor embedded in a garment or for example bags or backpacks, the FM Radio module forms a complete FM radio solution.

This means for clothing and bag designer that in some cases no textile wires are needed to connect the product like an iPod to the unique electro-conductive fabric touchpad from Eleksen.

The electronic gadget is stowed away safely in a backpack or pocket and is controlled from the sensor on a jacket sleeve or backpack handle.

Eleksen’s expertise in electronics increasingly is considered an asset in the competitive interactive cut & sew market.

We look forward to more news out of Avantex in the coming few days. The start was already very interesting thanks to Eleksen’s addition to Wearable Electronic technologies.