Electricfoxy’s The Move electronic yoga suit lets you know when you are contorting yourself incorrectly


Ah. Yoga. So graceful. So flexible. The catch-all healer of every ailment known to man. But none of this is true if you do it all wrong. Yoga, done incorrectly, can actually really screw your body up(Cue the sound of a million hypochondriacs going “ahah!” at once) So you are going to want to make sure you do it right in order to get all of those yummy, innate one-ness with the universe positive vibe-thingamajigs! In the old days, you’d have to be watched like a hawk by a real yoga instructor for sessions on end. Those days, like our attachment to this physical realm, are numbered.

Electricfoxy is busy prepping their innovative The Move electronic yoga suit. Its the only yoga instructor you can actually wear on your body(unless that’s some sort of fetish I don’t know about.) Here’s how it works. The suit is equipped with four bend and stretch sensors that can determine exactly what position your poor body is being pushed into. If the pose is wrong, or potentially dangerous, the suit lets you know via haptic feedback. Before long your body naturally learns correct postures and you are well on your way to becoming a bona-fode yogi. Pretty cool right?

The suit will also be able to send reports on your yoga-riffic workout to an attached smartphone/tablet app. Here you can look at all manner of chart and graph to get a finer bead on your eventual ascent to the astral plane. Oh yeah, speaking of astral planes, the company also says The Move can also be used for pilates, golf and baseball. The days of using the “I pulled my back out playing baseball with the boys” excuse to get out of things are almost dunzo.

The company says the suit is only a concept design for now, but with all of the positive press its been receiving it is only a matter of time before it pops into this world like a laughing, wise Buddha. In the meantime, just remember to breathe.