Elbit Systems scores $68 million military contract to supply OLED-equipped HUDs


Elbit Systems has been known for tinkering around in futuristic dystopian land. They have been tooling around with an actual killer robot for some time now. Now the company has received a hefty contract to continue work on their other, non-murderous, lovechild. Their series of OLED-equipped HUDs.

The company reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense, which will see it provide the Army, Navy, Marines Corps and Coast Guard with its AN/AVS-7 heads-up display system components. Details are scarce. Something about “on a need to know basis and you are just a lowly tech blogger and have negative clearance.” Oh well.

We do know that the HUD uses an OLED display made by eMagin. The use for these massively powerful HUDs? A company rep says they are to “increase situational awareness and safety by allowing pilots to fly ‘head out of the cockpit’ during day and night operations.”