EL Helmet Kit is an Electroluminescent Way to Make Biking Easier


Riding a bicycle and taking the old hog out for a spin are two of the greatest and simplest joys life has on offer. The open road spread out before you like an undrunk milkshake, the wind in your hair making it do that poofy thing the girls thirty years ago liked so much, oh and convenience store food. However, when riding one of these two-wheeled fun factories, you must never forget you always one tiny mistake away from death. They aren’t the safest ways to travel is what I’m saying. So whenever anything comes along that assures you get home safe and sound to your Netflix account, we are on it like soy sauce on sushi. Here is one such thing.

Introducing the EL Helmet Kit. This easy to use kit uses the magic of electroluminescence to turn any old bicycle helmet into a bright, bright helmet-ish masterpiece. The usage for this is two fold. Not only does it help cars see you so they won’t run you over on their way to the Taco Bell drivethru. It also lets you see the world around you better. As stated above, one false move and you are roadkill. This kit helps even the odds a little bit. It is essentially two electroluminescent strips that you adhere to your helmet(or other stuff if you are weird.) Then the natural wonder of electroluminescence does the rest.

Even cooler? The embedded and super light battery pack lasts a full twelve hours on one charge. That’ll get you thru most nights, even in winter, except if you are biking around the north pole. Santa! Use the sleds like a normal saint. The designers have taken to Kickstarter to finish funding on the kit. You can become an early adopter by pledging fifty bucks.