EcoXGear EcoXPower keeps you bright and charges your phone with pedal power


EcoXGear bike headlamp and charger 1
The cutting edge, high-tech world of bicycling moves at a, um, breakneck pace. This is ever true when wearable technology and bicycle technology meet. Not that someone can wear a bicycle, mind you. Unless that person was really big or the bicycle was really, really small. Well, we are happy to report yet another astounding development in two-wheeled wonderment. Introducing the quite literally indefatigable EcoXPower.

This device attaches to the wheel of your favorite bicycle and stores energy whenever you put pedal to the metal. This energy is then used to power your beloved smartphone. Now can you text and bike until your little heart is content. The usefulness of EcoXGear’s neat gadget doesn’t end there, however. It will also used that stored energy to shine a bright light on your person, so as to avoid all manner of accidental tomfoolery. The world can be a dark place, after all(particularly at night.)

The device has both an LED front headlight and red rear taillight, and mounts to the bike’s front wheel hub. It draws its power from your pedaling via a USB adapter cable that runs up the front fork and into a handlebar mounted smartphone case. Did we mention the whole thing is also water-resistant? Because it is. The case is touch-screen friendly if you are foolhardy enough to go poking around your smartphone while moving through traffic or down a steep incline.

All of this handy, dandy green tech is available right as we speak. You can get your environmental hands on the EcoXPower for around $100. Let us know what you think!