Eating Too Much? Try This Pacemaker For Your Stomach


It seems this week is all about wearable technology making exercising and losing weight just the teensiest bit easier. That’s what technology is there for, after all, to make certain things easier. This newest device, however, might just jump the wearable shark. Just how wearable is it? Well, uh, it actually goes inside of you, quite literally on your stomach. That’s right. You need actual invasive surgery in order to get this bad boy doing its thing because, well, its a pacemaker for your stomach that prevents you from wanting to eat everything in sight and then go back for seconds (and then thirds.)

Enteromedics’ Maestro Rechargeable System sits just under your abdomen and sends electrical impulse charges to de-charge your impulses to chomp down on 100 slices of pizza in one sitting. In effect, it works to block hunger signals and send full signals. The end result, in theory, should be the sudden desire to eat normal portions like a normal person during a normal meal. However, studies indicate that it may just be 8 percent more effective than a placebo device, so its anybody’s guess.

Still, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the device so it may soon be on the docket at your next doctor’s visit. Of course, insurance is unlikely to cover it so, for now, you’ll have to pay for the device, and the surgery to install the device, out of pocket. This, given the current state of the US health care industry, should cost approximately 14 billion dollars, give or take. Here’s a video with a fancy pants doctor talking about the science behind the tech.