This Earplug System Lets You Sleep Like a Darned Baby


Sleep. The great equalizer. The big easy. Other things it has never been to referred to as. Getting a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance to our health and, well, to our general sense of well being. Ever try to do anything after a horrible night’s sleep? You are likely grumpier than a hippo before dinner. In any event, not all environments are conducive to getting that all important rest. Some places are downright noisy, making sleep more a luxury than a right. For people who live in noisy cities, college dorms and the basement of strip clubs, here is a new high tech earplug system that promises you’ll soon be snoozing harder than a precious little baby.

Appropriately named Hush, being billed as the world’s first smart earplug, combines sound eliminating foam with noise masking to keep things as quiet as the proverbial church mouse. The creators bill this as being perfect for students, travelers and, of course, people who live with audacious snorers. An affiliated app acts as an alarm and can be programmed to play a variety of soothing noises, pumped straight into your ears. The app can also help locate misplaced ear plugs, which is great because those things are small and extremely easy to lose.

These things aren’t on store shelves, but the creators have taken to Kickstarter to raise some finishing funds. You can preorder your very own pair of Hush earplugs for around $115, which may seem like a lot for earplugs to someone who has never had to try to fall asleep next to a heavy snorer.