Durr is a watch without a face



It is proven that our perception of time changes based on our circumstances. For example, when we’re doing something we enjoy time seems to go quickly. When we’re doing something we don’t enjoy, it seems to go slower. Durr is a new watch that helps the user become more aware of how quickly time is passing – and it doesn’t even have a face!

All that Durr really does is vibrate every 5 minutes. The idea of it is that it changes our perception of time, giving us a reminder that time is moving forward. By feeling the vibration on your wrist every 5 minutes without fail, you begin to get a much deeper sense of time and how quickly it passes.

Durr is available in 5 different colors and is made of a body and fastening clip. The vibration is powered by a replaceable battery that will last you up to 2 months before you have to replace it.

Ideally Durr could prevent you from procrastinating by reminding you that time is constantly moving.

To start off only 50 models are being made, but the company behind it, Skrekkogle, are planning a second run. If you are interested in buying one for yourself you should register for email notifications so you know when the next run is on pre-order. For the first run, each Durr was priced at around $120, but a bigger run could bring that price down a little.