Drum Pants Lets You, Well, Play Drums With Your Pants


Playing drums is great. Wearing pants? Also great. You’d think a world filled with these two great things would figure out a way to combine the two to make something that is great times two. You would think, but you’d be wrong had you thunk this thought on any day prior to today. Those of you reading this in the future, however, congratulations. Your wish came true immediately.

In any event, there are now pants you can use to play the drums. The appropriately named Drum Pants is a kit you wear underneath your pants. This kit is equipped with sensors which in turn lead to over 100 high quality percussion sounds. What can you do with all of these sounds? Isn’t it obvious? You can make on your leg all day instead of getting any work done(you youngsters.) There is also a multitrack component that lets you complete entire beats in one sitting(or standing.) The beats can then be uploaded to your phone, tablet or computer for use in digital audio workstations so you can play that awesome riff to Baba O’Riley along with them. The strap that wraps around your leg is adjustable and, it must be noted, isn’t relegated to just your leg. Drum Pant becomes Drum Shirt and so it all begins.

This wearable Keith Moon isn’t available in clothing/music gear stores yet. The designers have taken to Kickstarter to receive final funding. How much are they asking for? $89 will get you an appointment as an early adopter. You’ll be the “hit” of your next party and just may “snare” yourself a mate. See what I did there?