Dress That Shape Shifts When People Stare



We’ve had a number of different ideas for dresses and clothing – pieces that light up, that are made of biodegradable material, and that fight Malaria. But what if a piece of clothing could interact with a person? This new dress by fashion designer Ying Gao arguably does just that. It shape shifts when it detects someone staring.

The dress uses an eye tracking system that can detect stares. The system embedded in the dress can also make it illuminate.

Essentially the system activates a set of tiny motors that move different parts of the dress to make it look like it’s changing shape.

The dresses also use a special glow in the dark thread that give the impression that the dress is lit up, especially in the dark.

The dresses are set to make their debut appearance at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art in Spring, 2014. After that they will also make an appearance at at the Textile Museum of Canada.

Could our clothes move in the future? Could they interact with the wearer and the people around the wearer? It could be a very interesting avenue for designers to explore, and one that could lead to some incredible pieces of wearable technology!