Doomsday Suit will shield you from poisonous radiation


Do you like doomsday? Of course you don’t! Nobody likes harmful radiation. That is why Doomsday, the anti radiation robotic suit is the perfect gift for the paranoid person in your life.

Codenamed an “anti-nuclear radiation mobile living unit made of lead panels.” Designed by Kacey Wong, the unit is meant to be climbed inside of. Then you can navigate yourself around via some peepholes and all of those irradiated zombies will be none the wiser. It works via solar panels which means so long as the apocalypse doesn’t blot out the sun you’ll be fine.

It isn’t for sale just yet. The creator says it is just art. To that end, if you want to see it in real life it will be at the 30 x 30 exhibition in Hong Kong from July 7 to August 9.