This Doggie Headset Reads Your Pooches Mind


No More Woof
We love our dogs, that is for sure. However, we can’t exactly read their minds. Sure, we know when they are hungry via their anxious barks. We know when they want to go out via, uh, more anxious barks. We also know when a stranger is lurking around the house thanks to their, well, anxious barks! However, wouldn’t it be cool to have a closer look at the cranial innards of Fido, Spike and Spot? Well, don’t bark now but that time may actually be coming. Whoa. Introducing a headset that purports to (sorta) read your dogs brain.

A group of tech-savvy Swedes have announced a way to get closer to your dog’s brain than ever before. They claim to have invented a headset that translates doggie thoughts into bone-a fide human words. Wait, really? Yeah, really. It works using everyone’s favorite brain-reading technology, EEG waves. It’s called No More Woof and this pooch-sized headset fits around your dog’s cute little noggin and then goes to work. The translations will let you know when the dog is hungry, if they like you and even if that ornery mailman is lurking about. The creators are certain their technology works, so the furry future may just get a whole lot cooler.

This tech is cutting edge so is not yet out on store shelves, obviously. The creators of said hardware have taken to Indiegogo to raise funds for the device. You can preorder one now. Prices start at $65 for a three word version and goes up to $1,200 for the deluxe “full sentence” version.