Disney princess backpacks, now with nanotube armor


Crunchwear is probably the furthest from a political site you will find on the Internet. We care about wearable technology, in all of its glory(and occasional, um, non-glory.) Which category this entry falls into is entirely up to you. We report, you decide. That sounds kind of catchy, actually. We wonder if anyone has ever used that saying before.

In any event, an armor-manufacturing company called Amendment II(get it?) has just announced they are releasing a trio of cartoon themed backpacks, which feature characters such as Disney princesses and The Avengers. These backpacks actually double as armor, featuring an innovative mix of standard bulletproof padding and nanotube technology. They call it “RynoHide” armor because, well, it is about as strong as a Rhino. This is not your usual armor found in Disney-themed backpacks. This armor is light as air, completely flexible and absolutely undetectable to the wearer. In short, your kids won’t even know they are wearing armor and, who knows, maybe it’ll help them one day.

The backpacks are also designed to be easily transferable to the front if the wearer deems it necessary. Also, the armor itself can be easily removed and used as a blanket to protect from hails from gunfire or even bombs.

For something this potentially life-saving, the price isn’t too bad. For $300 you’ll get a backpack that is designed to stop 5 caliber or 9mm rounds and for an optional $100 they’ll upgrade the armor to also stop .44 Magnum rounds. Check the video below detailing how RynoHide works.