Dior unveils temporary tattoos made from 24K gold


dior gold temporary tattoo 1
Gold. The very word conjures up images of Scrooge McDuck diving through a pile of it, or Indiana Jones finding a mountain of it. Wherever human civilization has gone, it has always lusted after gold. It was, until several decades ago, the very standard by which the world’s wealth was measured upon. So why not put some on your body? No, we don’t mean in the form of a ring, a bracelet or, Heaven forbid, an anklet. Let’s do it the new-fashioned way, with a tattoo.

Gold tattoos?! It’s finally happened, thanks to everyone’s favorite fashionistas, Dior. The company has come up with a, well, valuable line of temporary tattoos. This is the perfect gift for the man , or woman, that has everything. Derived from 24-karat gold leafing, the the jewelry-like “Grand Bal” stick-on tattoos are being hailed as the “ultimate in luxury.” Now you can adorn yourself in the most extravagant way possible, the way in which you will soon become accustomed to. Somebody get Mitt Romney on the horn!

Of course, all of this delicious decadence comes with a hefty price tag. It is gold, after all. You can get yourself a book of these splendorous temporary tattoos for the high, high price of $120. Then afterwards you should go out and get yourself a Hangtown Fry, which was the omelette everyone bought after striking it rich in the California Gold Rush all of those moons ago. If only they knew gold would one day be available in tattoo form.