Dew Motion iStick Playtime Smartphone Controller


Smart watches are on their way. Some are already being released. But until they take over the market, there are products that are geared towards controlling your smartphone, like the new Dew Motion iStick Playtime.

The great thing about the iStick Playtime is that it can be controlled anywhere, not just on your wrist. You can hold it, you can attach it to your bike, or use it around your wrist when you have gloves on. This is a big help for people needing to use their smartphone in cold conditions as many people will know that it is near impossible controlling your phone with gloves on.

The iStick Playtime is specifically designed for use in sports, and is very thin and lightweight – perfect for sports. The iStick Playtime is more functional than other similar products due to features like Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and the joystick control. It even has a built in speaker and microphone so that you can take or make calls directly from the device, and the joystick is perfect for when the user is in a cold climate and is wearing gloves.

The fact that the iStick Playtime is as thin as it is is also very helpful for the sportsperson, and the fact that it is so lightweight and thin will help ensure that it is as unnoticeable to the wearer as possible. Furthermore, if you don’t have any hands free to use the device, you can control it using voice commands.

The iStick Playtime, by Dew Motion is perfect for running, cycling, skiing and even water sports. It can run for 7 days without needing to be charged and can survive temperatures as low as 15° F and water depths of 3 feet. You can donate to getting the iStick Playtime into production on the Indiegogo that is set up for it, and pledging $75 will get you an Indiegogo of your own. The Dew Motion iStick Playtime is compatible with iPhone versions 4 and up, as well as any Android phone.