Devon Works Tread 1 wristwatch is a bulletproof timepiece


You know what’s wrong with most watches? Bullets go right through em. As a matter of fact, if your timepiece gets sprayed with a rain of gunfire it is probably kaput. California based Devon Works is sick of watches being vulnerable to weapons, so they’ve created the Tread 1 wristwatch.

The Tread 1 is bulletproof. Yeah. Bulletproof. This monster is gonna take a licking and keep on ticking. What’s more? It’s also a beautifully designed watch that gets the job done with elegance and grace. The Tread 1 also has some bells and whistles, including the ability to recharge wirelessly.

It is available now at the admittedly expensive asking price of $15,000. Still, is that too much to pay for the knowledge your watch will be safe from drive-by shootings?