Developers Are Now Able to Develop Apps for Apple Watch


Once upon a time there was a sad, lonely little smartwatch industry, with nary an Apple product to call its own. The masses screamed out as one, like that one scene in Star Wars, to the gigantic multinational technology company. They wanted their iWatch and they wanted it now. Well, they got what they wished for. A few months back Apple finally announced their very own smartwatch. They arrogantly dropped the “i” however, and went with the simple and somewhat confusing name of Watch. Apple’s Watch isn’t out yet, but excitement is starting to build. Even cooler? The company has just released their toolbox for creating apps for the dang thing.

Codenamed WatchKit, the API will let anyone with a dream, some money and a boatload of free time design and implement their very own application for the forthcoming watch Watch (Totally legitimate grammar given the devices’s name.) This snazzy utility, which is tied into the iOS 8.2 beta SDK), lets you take advantage of most of what the Apple Watch can do, including pressure-aware touch, notifications and info-at-a-glance. Something tells me, Rovio is prepping an Angry Birds for this thing. When will the madness end?!

On the downside, you can start programming and tinkering today. You won’t be able to publish your app, however, until next year. That makes sense considering the thing isn’t out yet and all of that. In the meantime, you can just wear an old Texas Instruments watch and pretend your fart sound app is on it and wowing millions upon millions of people.