Details on Apple’s Smartwatch Begin to Surface


Apple has long been the leader in many things, computers, tablet computers, phone computers and, uh, television commercials. They have long been rumored to throw their considerable weight into the smartwatch ring. Smart watches have been around for a year or two now, but thus far none have broken through to become the market leader. It’s still anyone’s game people, and just like the tablet market before the iPad, that is when Apple tends to shine brightest. So, the question isn’t if the company will make a watch, but rather when and what kind of stuff will it do? We don’t have any information on when yet but we have received some on its functionality.

Apple’s rumored(but absolutely coming) smartwatch will host a bunch of new features, according to a report from the venerable New York Times. Just what will it do? Well, it’ll tell time and that’s it! Just kidding. Telling time will be the least of its concerns, as smart watches are want to do. Apple’s forthcoming little beastie is rumored to include a new technology that allows for charging without the watch actually being plugged in. Whoa. The future is cool because cables and cords suck! Also, it’ll do all of the smart watch stuff we come to expect from these devices. In other words, it’ll send you text messages and let you talk to people like Dick Tracy. Cool enough.

Again, mum is the word on when this will be released but you know how Apple rolls. They’ll hold a press conference and it’ll be out the very next day(hopefully.)