An In-Depth Look at the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Why It Will Change Wearable Technology



The release of the new Samsung Galaxy gear, a very expected release but a big one nonetheless, was not only a big deal for the smartwatch world, but the technology world as a whole. The Galaxy Gear is at the cutting edge of wearable technology, and essentially wipes out a lot of the competition. But what about the Galaxy Gear is so special, and why will it change wearable technology? Keep reading to find out exactly what kind of potential the Galaxy Gear has.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is one of the most advanced smartwatches to be released so far, with processing power that rivals even some great smartphones. It includes an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of storage, which should be plenty considering if you even get close to running out of storage you can simply transfer files over to your smartphone. Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy Gera is one of the few smartwatches that includes the use of a camera that is meant to be used for taking actual photos and not simply video chatting.

One of the great things about this camera is that it’s built in to the wristband of the device, which helps the main body of the watch to be a lot thinner and sleeker. This is the kind of innovation that should be noticed by other companies. Using every part of the product to your advantage. Even the wristband. In fact, we should start to see more products like this in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is expected to be one of the few products that brings wearable technology to the mass market, other products being Google Glass and the heavily rumored iWatch. Sure, other wearable products are great products, but they simply don’t have the advertising and promotion capabilities that companies like Samsung, Google and Apple have. Not to mention the people who follow their products simply because it’s by that particular brand. Samsung has a huge following of people that will consider buying the Galaxy Gear simply because Samsung made it. And with good reason too – Samsung has made a series of incredibly good and quality products over the past decade or so.

A product with this kind of hype around it also cause for other companies to release a product to compete. We are pretty sure that Apple is going to be releasing an iWatch in the near future, which should make for a much more competitive market, simply because of the fact that there are a lot of Apple lovers out there. We also have heard rumors about a possible Google watch, which will increase the competition even more. What does this mean? It means that these companies will be scrambling for something different, new and innovative. Every new release will further push the wearable technology market in general to be better, smarter and faster.

Unfortunately the Galaxy Gear is currently only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, however it is likely that this will change over the nest few months. We should see it be compatible with other Samsung products, but hopefully it will end up being compatible with Android products in general, although that is not expected. Samsung has actually confirmed that the watch will be compatible with the Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 2 by the end of October. Another drawback to the Galaxy Gear is the fact that its battery will only last for about a day of normal usage, which isn’t that great when compared to products like the Pebble and Sony Smartwatch 2, which both should last a few days on a single charge.

Essentially the Galaxy Gear is not unlike other smartwatches in that it is probably mainly going to be used as a notifications device. It is not a standalone product, and is to be used in conjunction with a smartphone. We might eventually see companies like Samsung release watches that are meant to be standalone products, but that time is not now.

The Galaxy Gear certainly won’t be a product for everyone, but the fact is that it pushes the market to be more competitive and release more and better products. With the Apple iWatch expected later this year, it seems that the wearable technology market is just beginning to heat up. It seems that the smartwatch market in particular is just starting to heat up, but we should expect a lot more from these products in the near future!