Denon Urban Raver headphone line puts the power in your hands


denon urban raver 1
Remember raves? They usually took place at a warehouse and featured tons of djs playing mostly the same music over and over again. They also had drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. Heck, the rave scene even had its own drug(ecstacy.) Read all about it in my upcoming book The 90s Were Weird but OK Sometimes. Until then, you may want to recapture those glory days of baggy pants and repetitive music with this line of nifty headphones.

The company who put out these bad boys is called Denon and these ‘phones have quite the hook. Just like the ASTRO A50s we profiled the other day, the Urban Raver line gives total flexibility of control to the wearer. After all, who wants to rave in the country? The over-the-ear model(pictured above) is called the AH-D400 and includes 50mm drivers and an integrated amplifier. Pretty sweet right? All of this tech is squeezed right into the ear cup and volume, EQ and other menu items can be accessed just by touching it. To onlookers it’ll look like you are just trying to get at your ear for a good scratch. If only they knew the cold, hard ravery truth.

These puppies last 12 hours on a single charge and will set you back a cool $400. Not bad for all of that integrated circuitry. However, this isn’t the only invitee to the warehouse rave. Denon has also introduced the AH-C300 Urban Raver earbuds. These $250 earbuds feature the same control wheel of their big brother, along with an integrated microphone. They also have unparalleled noise isolation thanks to some kind of patented technology called “Double Air Compression Technology.” Sounds like an air conditioner. It is summer, after all.