Dell Commits to Jumping Full Throttle Into Wearable Tech


Wearable technology certainly is growing in exponential leaps and bounds. Why, it wasn’t that long ago when the only wearable technology were crappy watches and shoes with velcro zippers on the side. What a difference a decade makes. Now it seems every bigwig tech company is jumping on the wearable bandwagon, from luminaries such as Apple to less luminous but still mega-popular companies like Dell. That’s right. Dell has announced it is jumping into the wearable technology game in a big way. Well now. This makes things mighty interesting doesn’t it?

The company’s VP of personal computing, Sam Burd, recently told UK paper The Guardian that the company has actively been “exploring ideas” within the wearable technology field. There are also other reports out there that indicate the company has been shifting resources around and allocating parts for a forthcoming, yet unannounced, smart watch. This seems to coincide with other rumblings within the industry. Long story short? Look for some Dell-branded wearables, particularly a watch, by the end of the year or early next year. Of course, the smart watch field is already incredibly crowded and will only get more so but this hasn’t stopped Dell in the past.

It also seems the company has been steadily shifting resources away from their tablet sector, with Burd noting that their tablets haven’t been “selling so hot.” It seems, no matter how hard other companies try, the iPad is still the game to beat in town. These other manufacturers seem to be ready to accept that, jump ship and move on to another sector rather than fight a losing fight. I guess that’s something. We’ll let you know more about Dell’s move to wearable tech as soon as they announce more.