Defakto Detail watch finally gets rid of that confusing second hand


defakto single hand watch 1
The acknowledgement, and fear, of time is a distinctly human trait. We spend most of our days worrying about what is to come and reflecting anxiously of what has already past. We’ve invented sun dials, clocks and watches to track the passing of it. We daydream and write about having total control over it. We use a herb in cooking that sort of sounds like it. Wait, forget about that last one. The point is, we are ruled by time. We’d all be a lot better off if we worried about it less, but still kept track of it. We can’t be habitually late for work, after all.

Enter Defakto and their Detail watch. This watch brazenly eliminates the second hand, better known as the minute hand. It shows you the time by, more or less, the hour. Don’t worry, though. There are fifteen minute intervals spread out around the watch so you’ll essentially know what time it is at any given time. This is not for someone who constantly has to be somewhere at an exact second. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to be thought of as shiftless, new age hippies but still want to eschew some of those chromaddictions.

The Detail, which is a funny name given its lack of namesake, has a pleasing aesthetic design and a firm and sturdy leather strap. It’s basically one of those well made, long-lasting watches they don’t really make anymore. These are available now at the somewhat expensive price of $239. But hey, if time is money then you should be able to spend some of one to become less reliant on the other. Or something.