Decelerator helmet slows down time so you can stop and smell the roses


Time can be a ridiculously cruel mistress sometimes. It continues its onward march toward oblivion and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it. Humans have a unique relationship with time in that we can imagine the absence of it but can never, ever experience that. We are stuck moving from point A to point B. Oh well. Such is life. Carpe diem and all of that nonsense.

Not to get too existential, but to be blunt, time sucks! If only there was a way to slow it down so we can live our lives without the constant worry of it all, ever so slowly, slipping away from us. A German inventor named Lorenz Potthast has developed a helmet that, in a way, slows down time. Finally! We can stop and smell the gosh-darned roses. This helmet allows the wearer to experience the real world at a slower speed that can be adjusted using a small, handheld controller. It is equipped with a viewscreen, which can be adjusted to play back in different times. There is also another display on the outside of the helmet, which allows the outside world to see what the wearer sees.

Of course, you don’t want to walk around wearing this thing, particularly in to oncoming traffic. Still, if you had a guide it would be a pretty cool way to experience life on the slow. After wearing it for a while you are likely to just want to sit on your old rocker, knit a sweater and eat a bowl of crock pot stew. For now it is only being used as an art installation, although a commercial release may yet see the light of day.