DARPA Helps Create Super Soldiers With Something Called Warrior Web


Tony Stark is only amazing because of that hugely overpowered suit. OK, he built the darned thing so he’s amazing in that way too, but you get what we are getting at. The suit makes the man, or Iron Man. Companies have always seen the promise of a futuristic exoskeleton as something as a holy grail to search after. After all, it could turn soldiers into super soldiers and construction workers into, uh, super construction workers. Slowly but surely, this kind of technology is becoming a reality. Read on for another entry in the evolving tale of “when will actual people become superheroes?”

DARPA, who you may know from the whole manufacturing weapons for the United States thing, has been hard at work at something they have been calling Warrior Web. The project aims to enhance soldier carrying capacity and minimize injuries by distributing loads better and providing better joint support. It also enhances range of motion by reapplying the energy saved in other areas. Essentially this gives you just the boost you need to become just a little bit stronger and just a little bit faster. It’s like Adderal only without the harmful side effects!

The US Army has just completed five months of intensive testing on the tech so it might not be long now until it is rolled out in the field. So if you sign up for the Army now, who knows maybe you’ll be able to wear this ditty and become a superman. Also, in years and years time, maybe this tech will show up as something in the consumer world. Opening those jars of pickles only gets harder with age. We’ll take any edge we can get. Here is a video.