DARPA-funded prosthetic arm reaches phase three in testing


It’s time to have a party, cyborg fans. DARPA has begun funding a cyborg arm concept introduced by Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory. The cy-arm(new name, given by me) has reached the clinical trials phase. It may not be a full Terminator, but it’s at least his arm.

DARPA has invested 34.5 million bucks, so it had better turn into something, lest some DARP-HEADS(new name, given by me) will be pissed. The nine pound arm features 22 degrees of freedom and sensory feedback. Not bad. It has been renamed the Modular Prosthetic Limb, which I guess is a hair better than cy-arm. Sigh…(arm.)

The eventual goal is for patients, trauma victims and the like, to use these arms instead of their own. The tech is still a long ways off but the news that it has reached clinical trials is good indeed for patients who could use it.