Dano’s iHeart Locket Keeps Your Digital Diary Entries Safe


Dear diary, a buffoon snuck into my room and read all of my entries and now everyone at school keeps calling me “pizza legs.” I won’t get into why but I sure wish my room wasn’t so easy to break into. Why did I have to hide you underneath my bed? That is such an obvious hiding place. Note to self, scour the universe for a wearable gadget that will help me put an end to this gross injustice.

Done and done! You’ll never experience diary disgust again, thanks to Dano and their iHeart Locket tech-heavy jewelry. Essentially, it’s a locket/necklace combo that only allows the wearer access to their digital diary, iPad style. It works in tandem with an associated iOS app that not only holds the written word but also has room for photos, audio and more. In short, your secret is safe with this. All you have to do is push a button on the locket to make all of your entries momentarily disappear, thus making snoopers think you just don’t use it anymore. Later on, when the coast is clear, push that same button and they will magically reappear. It’s like disappearing ink only, you know, digital.

The locket sells for around $25 and is quite a perfect give for the preteen or preteen-at-heart person in your life. Now nobody will ever have to know that you think Justin Bieber’s music is “kind of awesome” and that the new Daft Punk is “totes not awesome.”