The Cynaps Enhance is a Headband that Restores Hearing


Cynaps is a company that we’ve talked about before, earlier this year they created a bone conduction hat that was designed to improve hearing. Now, they’ve taken that a step further with a headband that can be inserted into almost any type of headgear, and given it some snazzy new functions. The Cynaps is labeled simply as the ‘Cynaps Advanced Hearing Restoration Project’, and the technology has actually been tested, and proven, in the field. Now, it’s on IndieGoGo, where you can get your own for just $150.


What is Cynaps?

Earlier this year we talked about the Cynaps cap, a hat that that uses bone conduction to enhance your hearing. That hat has now been redesigned into a headband that can be worn under a hat, or in the lining of a number of other hair accessories, making it easier, and more convenient to take anywhere. The headband, which is also sold pre-installed in a hat, picks up audio from around the wearer’s ears and amplifies the sound so that the user can hear. In addition, it also features a number of custom settings designed for maximum efficiency, even for someone with hearing in only one ear. While it can’t restore hearing to someone who has lost it completely, people with light to major hearing loss can definitely get results.

How Does it Work?

The Cynaps features bone conduction transducers that turn audio into vibrations that can be interpreted by the year. Because the headband or hat goes on behind the ears rather than in them, the bone conduction allows the wearer to comfortably listen to their surroundings, and hear everything without using in-ear plugs. In addition, each Cynaps features two microphones for picking up the wearers voice as well as surrounding area, so that the wearer can audibly hear everything.


Bone conduction, which is quickly becoming the most popular form of hearing tech is a type of audio enhancement that transmits sound to the ears by bypassing the eardrum. Instead, the technology sends vibrations right through the wearer’s bones and to the cochlea, effectively bypassing the ossicles, and middle ear, where most hearing loss happens. Essentially, it allows you to hear things better because it bypasses the first stages of ear damage. While people with full hearing loss do not benefit, everyone else does.

How Do I Get It?

If you want the Cynaps then you have a couple of confusing choices to make. The company offers around four different perks including a ‘cap’ which is just that and nothing more, a V1 (version one) of the Cynaps which was the original in-cap model, and the V2, which is the newer and supposedly better option. In addition, you can purchase a made to order or made to fit cap for the Cynaps, including models and sizes for kids. Finally, you can choose to purchase a test kit for about $24, to see if the Cynaps will work for or benefit you in any way. Then you can purchase the Cynaps ‘headband’, the ‘Bluetooth version’, the ‘Cynaps Enhance V1 Full Kit’, and the ‘Enhance V2 band’, which is the fully wireless Bluetooth enabled headband. If you can make it through the choices, then you can purchase the Cynaps on IndieGoGo until January 6th of 2014, or visit them at afterwards.