Cyclops – The Cap With A Built In LCD Display



Ever wanted to be a human billboard? What about show movies to your friends from a screen on your head? If you’ve wanted to do these things ever in your life, then the Cyclops cap might just be the device for you. It can show anything you want – an advertisement for your company, the latest video of you twerking to Miley Cyrus, or just about any other video you can imagine.

Basically, the Cyclops hat was invented to allow the wearer to better show off their distinct fashion style, but the device could also clearly work as a marketing tool for companies wanting to get their name out.

The screen essentially streams video through a Bluetooth connection with an app on the users smartphone. The device can also connect through a shared WiFi network with a smartphone. The screen itself is a standard 960 x 640 resolution screen, and it measure in at 3.5 inches.

The Cyclops hat is currently looking to launch on Indiegogo, but for now you can check out the device on the Cyclops website. You will also see on the website that the device is both waterproof, and is safe for your brain.

Not only will the Cyclops hat be launched on Indiegogo in the near future, but it will also be launched as a flexible funding project, so even if the device does not reach its funding goal, the company behind the Cyclops will still use the funds raised to take the device as far as they can.

Would you wear the Cyclops hat? Or do you think it’s really just a gimmick? Leave a comment below!

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