CuteCircuits Lights Up Fashion Week With an LED-Enabled Miniskirt


All of the world’s best and brightest always show up at New York’s Fashion Week. Sure, if you live in New York, it seems like just about every week is fashion week, but we assure you the official one only happens around twice a year. In any event, a new fashion week is upon us and with it, a whole heaping gad of clothing, accessories and everything else under the fashionable sun. Of course, wearable technology cannot be stopped at an industry event such as this. On that note, here is a miniskirt that lights up(yay? yay!)

CuteCircuits, who are no strangers to this blog, are behind this brightly lit miniskirt, which uses the magic of LEDs to light up. This isn’t any old miniskirt with some big, clunky LEDs thrown in. The LEDs are added discretely. The end result? The miniskirt simply feels like a regular miniskirt. If you have it on, you would have no idea it can light up at any time. Speaking of lighting up, wearers can access the LEDs and change the colors and patterns via Bluetooth. This is perfect if you’ve ever wanted to wear a miniskirt that looks like a moving Pac-Man.

The cool part? This technology is not only being used in miniskirts.  The company also has thrown these LEDs into a series of blazers and dresses so, no matter your fashion sensibilities, you can be as bright as a Christmas tree as you walk down the street. We’ll let you know when you walk into your local lighting or clothing store and pick one of these up.