CuteCircuit tshirtOS connects to your iPhone to make the ultimate LED display


cutecircuit tshirtos 1
Are you still wearing boring old t-shirts? You know the kind. You throw them on your body and they, well, show off a clever phrase or maybe they have stripes or maybe they are just one single color. In other words, snoozeville. You know why? They certainly don’t light up in a blaze of LED glory and they most definitely don’t connect to your iPhone. Stop languishing well behind the fashion curve!  The future is now.

CuteCircuit, a company known for all kinds of eye-catching innovations in the world of fashion tech, is at it again. They have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the humble t-shirt. No longer will we have to live under the oppressive tyranny of static design thanks to their brand new tshirtOS.

This LED-enabled t-shirt connects to your iPhone, which then allows you to use a free app to change the design to whatever suits your fancy. But here’s the deal. It is SO much more. This thing can also display your tweets, play music, and even take and display photos. Even better? It’s washable. That’s right. This flexible LED display can actually be washed. Don’t spill spaghetti sauce on it though. It’ll still work but you’ll look ridiculous.

It is just a prototype design for now. The tshirtOS can be purchased but the price is currently set exorbitantly. CuteCircuit says the price will go down once they have a market-ready model. So, unless your name rhymes with Ritt Blomney, you are stuck with your lame old t-shirts for the time being. Dont’ fret. That one with Bart Simpson holding a skateboard still looks quite fetching.