Cuff Fashion wearables – wearables that blend in



While wearable technology is taking off, it’s no secret that fashion is so far largely being denied by wearable tech companies. For the most part companies build a device, and then think about whether or not it’s fashionable. But what if someone was to take a fashion item first, and then find a way to incorporate technology into it. That seems to be the idea behind Cuff Wearables, a company that is making items that you wouldn’t even know are actually technology.

Cuff just recently launched their new line of wearable tech, and the devices that they released include bracelets and necklaces. The main technological priority behind Cuff Fashion’s tech is safety, and this line of accessories is aimed at being able to get in contact with people if you need to.

The way it works is that you need to buy the CuffLinc, which is a small wireless token that can slot into any of the Cuff range of devices. It then is able to link to the users smartphone via Bluetooth. Using it, you can then send a notification to a contact by pressing on the CuffLinc.

Cuff was founded by the former VP of Product Development at the home store called Restoration Hardware. Cuff was founded in September out a simple conversation, and is now a growing tech company.

Cuff devices are compatible with Apple devices that are running iOS6 and later, as long as they support Bluetooth 4.0. This includes the iPhone 4s and 5s, iPad Gen 3 and 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch Gen 5. Currently Cuff Fashion devices do not support any Android phones or tablets, though the company says that they are keeping an eye on Android devices, and that when Android supports Bluetooth 4.0 in a stable way, they will release Cuff for Android.

Users can set up a group of contacts, and once that’s done they  don’t really have to do much more. The CuffLinc can last for a year, and rather than being recharged it’s designed to simply be replaced every year. One CuffLinc will cost $30.

If you’re interesting in Cuff Fashion you can head to their website to pre-order. You can choose between bracelets, necklaces, and keychains. Not only that, but talks with other jewelry companies are in the works to release more accessories that support Cuff. Most of those companies are one-person shops on Etsy, and they plan to unveil some of these partnerships in the coming months.

As the year progresses, updates to Cuff software will allow for users to be able to use Cuff for other things than simply notifications. An example of this is the ability to take a photo with their smartphone by pressing on the device.

Accessories currently go for in between $50 and $150, including the CuffLinc. If you decide to pre-order one of the devices expect to receive it in the final third of this year.