Crescent’s Immersive Digital Entertainment VR system


The world of VR has certainly grown in leaps and bounds since the old days. Case in point? Crescent’s new Immersive Digital Entertainment VR system. This thing could be the future! Unfortunately, like most new tech, it may be the sorta faraway future.

Forget the Kinect! Forget the 3DS. Forget the Wii! This is the highest crest of gaming tech at the moment. This gadget gives gamers a full 360 degree space to interact in. It also features a ton of HD cameras that make virtual reality, well, um, less virtual.

Of course, it’s just a concept design for now. You can’t go in to your local Gamestop with a pitchfork and simply demand one. Although you could try it. That could be funny. We’ll let you know when this tech does find its way into store shelves though. That’s how we do.