Creoir Smartwatch Concept is Certainly an Elegant Design


The world has changed significantly in the past ten years or so. For one, the Internet has gotten really, really fast. For two, we all carry super computers in our pockets like it aint no thang. For three, there is now such a thing as the smartwatch, which is essentially a smartphone that we wear around our wrists. The only downside to these amazing smartwatches? They don’t all exactly look elegant. Some of them look downright childish, as a matter of fact. Only the Pebble Steel has brought a degree of class to the proceedings, but they won’t be the only ones for long if this designer/manufacturer has anything to say about it.

Creoir has recently unveiled a concept smartwatch design that brings mad elegance to your poor naked wrists. The sleek metal design resembles something that would be found in a jewelry store as opposed to a gadget-eria(new word.) Even the smartwatch functionality is understated and elegant. The majority of the watchface is dedicated to, surprise, telling the time. The smarts are housed below the time, which have no possibility of overwhelming the watch’s primary function. The UI is a repurposed Android OS which has been redesigned to be as classy as humanly possible.

Of course, this is only a concept design for now, but being as how this prototype has been getting all kinds of positive press one would assume it wouldn’t be too long before it was announced as an actuality and not a possible. In the meantime, you can encase your current smartwatch in metal or something, like Terminator.