Crave Duet is one part USB drive and one part orgasmatron


If you build it, they will, uh, come. That’s the theory anyways. San Francisco company Crave is prepping a unique hybrid design that should get people, uh, squealing with delight. Why is that you ask? Because it’s both a USB drive and a vibrator.

The Duet, as it’s classily called, does what it says it does. It stores your vital information and it, well, has sex with you. I guess it could also be used as a massager, given it has four speed settings and five power levels. It also holds 8g of your precious digital valuables so you’ll never be at a loss to explain what it is should any coworkers give you an incredulous stare. “It’s a USB drive dammit!”

Now before you go rushing to your local sex store, this beautiful behemoth isn’t out yet. They are still in the funding stages for the unit. You can help them out here.